Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton, or white gold, is all about respect! Specially for health! The health of the environment, of the farmers who harvest it, and the consumers who wear and use cotton products in their daily lives.

Grown and harvested without the use of any chemicals or genetically modified organisms, the Organic Cotton ensures that products containing cotton are safe from toxins and chemicals that harm consumers, farmers, and the cotton itself.

The cultivation of conventional, non-organic cotton is responsible for 25% of the world’s insecticides – which is more than any other single crop – and more than 10% of the world’s pesticides, including some of the most dangerous ones.

In Peru, cotton cultivation has been a fundamental part of their agriculture, specially because of the uniqueness of its land, which results in very high quality crops. Unfortunately, the practice of using chemicals and pesticides in the Peruvian agricultural harvesting has been deeply introduced in the beginning of the World War II and as a result of it, only a tiny percentage of all cotton cultivation is actually organic.

That is why Organic Cotton in Peru is very praised. For years, the Cañete and Chincha Valley, located in the South of Lima,  has been the main region that produces Peruvian Organic Cotton. In this region the organic environmentally friendly methods used in the production are: using untreated and non-GMO seeds; rotating crops to build strong soil which retain water more efficiently, avoiding water waste; controlling and removing the weeds by hand; using beneficial insects instead of killing them, and also using biological and cultural practices to control pests; and harvesting by hand.

That’s why Royal Knit is dedicated to manufacturing Organic Cotton products to happily satisfy our customers!

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