Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton is considered to be one of the finest cottons available in the world, coming only after the Egyptian Cotton. Pima Cotton has been prized as a luxury fiber because of its incredible softness, brilliant luster, outstanding length and long durability.

Its softness is due to the excellent growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of which it is grown such as Peru, Australia, Israel, and the United States.

In Peru, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at the favorable equatorial temperatures, which results in a beautiful silky luster of the Pima, or “gamuza” as the Peruvians also refer to the fiber.

This quality is also possible because Peruvian Pima Cotton, unlike many commercial cottons, is harvested entirely by hand, which preserves the natural white of the fiber and can be easily dyed. Hand harvesting is very important since industrial harvesting of cotton leaves impurities and a yellowish color.

Also unlike regular cotton, Pima is considered a luxurious fiber because it has 1 3/8” of length, which is twice more than the regular size, which results in greater strength, uniformity, and durability. In fact, its durability is one of the most special features of this fiber since it can last almost a life time if taken care properly.

That’s why Royal Knit is dedicated to manufacturing Pima products to happily satisfy our customers!

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