Our Mission

Royal Knit’s mission is to offer natural fibers products of the highest quality with unique and sophisticated designs, using luxurious natural materials like Baby Alpaca, Pima and Organic Cotton for socially and environmentally conscious consumers worldwide through long-term and fair trade relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leaders in the national industry by offering products of the highest quality, with innovative designs, implementing an efficient service – and giving a sustainable opportunity for artisans to be successful – in order to get excellent satisfaction from consumers worldwide who are fashionably, socially, and environmentally conscious.

Royal Knit is an environmentally and socially responsible company that offers wholesale woven products made of natural fibers of the highest quality. We are constantly improving in order to promote the growth of our company and its employees and safeguarding the production processes in a healthy working environment. Royal Knit is also fully committed to gender equality; rejecting any kind of the discrimination. Since 2004, Royal Knit is proud to be an active member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Our production capacity covers knitting from 3 to 12 different ancient and modern techniques to develop exclusive items for ladies and children. You may find in our catalog a large range of products; such Accessories like scarves and hats as well as Home Textiles like blankets and cushions.

Royal Knit is a business that invest a great deal of time and effort in innovation and creativity with a constant trend research which enables us to develop our own Year Collection. Also, every year we attend to Fashion and Gift Fairs worldwide – most importantly, the New York Gift and Maison et Object. Likewise, we produce on behalf of others European exclusive brands who trust us to manufacture their exclusive models.

Our product collection is inspired and developed using the finest natural materials and fibers such as alpaca, Pima cotton, and organic cotton, which can be mixed with other materials such as wool, silk, modal, tencel. Products can be 100% handmade or also using modern textile machinery that helps us have finest finishes offering top quality products to customers from Europe, North America, and Asia.

Our social commitment is solid and consistent with our community. Royal Knit have made the effort to establish and develop a commercial strategy to coordinate and ensure a sustainable production chain thanks to our committed partners, and training programmes such the “Basic and Advanced” sawing workshop that takes place in marginal areas of the cities of Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Huancavelica and Lima. Continuous improvement processes, quality control, and training take place regularly as we truly believe that a good training program is one of the main axes that allow us to simultaneously improve the quality of our products and also the living standards of these families.

Today we have over 20 working groups organized. Over the years we have created a strong partnerships with them and at the same time we have created various development programs, granting work directly and indirectly to more than 300 people. All programs take place in the poorest and most remote areas of the capital of Cusco, Puno, Huancavelica and Lima.