Congratulations to our Director Mrs. Benita Cutipa

In the past days an important event has success in Lima, Perú: One of the Founder-Director Mrs. Benita Cutipa de Lopez won the award:  “Joaquin Lopez Antay”

The Congress of the Republic of Peru and President of the Congress of the Republic awarded the certificate of honor “JOAQUIN LOPEZ ANTAY” given to master Peruvian artisan, to Mr. Benita Cutipa, our founder, in recognition of his master artistic career  and her compromise to promote the handmade textiles, which contributes to the construction of identity and cultural traditions in our country.

Our founder, Mrs benita is teacher of textiles and handicrafts. The interest on textiles born on his mother and father who were used to weave and knit at home, so since she has 12 years old started helping to the income of her family as her father was for many years sick. She was born in Cusco, but when she finished the school she decided to move to Puno to study for be teacher. She got an scholarship so she supported by herself her studies working weekends with a catholic religious congregation. When she finished her studies she decided to be a voluntary as there was not any chance to find a job on the city, so she moved to small towns and started her passion for teaching in the 70´s in Puno. Then she met Sebastian, his partner of this project of life, they got married and she moved to Cusco as they have been worry about the education of their children. In Cusco, at the same time that she was a teacher on an institute, she was starting selling art craftsmanship, she was talented on selecting good products with good quality and starting on improve on design so the result was that she get success, so the phase to create a company and the way of export start in the 80’s.  She was awarded by the Maglieria italiana with the most beautiful pullover in the world, and national awards. Her main purpose was  to promote the handmade textiles on her students, neighborhood, and  many cities around Peru like Cusco, Puno, Cajamarca, Ayaucho, huancayo, La Libertad, Huancavelica through many social projects who had the confidence on her talent.  Nowadays, she is still working on our company like a part of the social projects, during last year she has been training with a group of leaders on knitting on weaving in Cusco -Ocongate and in Puno- Lampa in cooperation with Belgium project to 300 artisans from those localities.

We are very proud of Mrs. Benita as is an example of tenacity and passion for preserving the traditional textiles techniques through teaching and we are happy to share this recognition to her valuable contribution to our Peruvian art craft.

Lima, March 18, 2014